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Experience UnityBuyBot, where the power of unity transforms the world of cryptocurrency investment. Together, we redefine the rules, ensuring everyone invests on equal ground.

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Discover The UnityBot Advantage

Unlock the full potential of UnityBot and experience the future of cryptocurrency trading with these key advantages:

Collaborative Decisions

Collaborative Decisions

Our community-driven approach encourages collective decisions, streamlining campaign creation, and fostering unity among investors.

Simultaneous Trading

Simultaneous Trading

UnityBot levels the playing field by ensuring all investors buy and sell tokens simultaneously, eliminating advantages and saving on gas fees.

Varied Trading Modes

Varied Trading Modes

UnityBot offers a diverse range of trading modes, catering to both individual traders and experienced groups. Explore SOLO, Mates, Mastermind, and Elect Modes.

How it Works

Unlocking A World
Of Endless   Trading Possibilities

UnityBuyBot seamlessly integrates with Telegram, offering a dynamic range of features for both solo traders and collaborative group campaigns. The detailed process from wallet issuance to campaign participation and the innovative voting system establishes UnityBuyBot as an intuitive and community-centric trading companion.

Register via DM or Group

Register with UnityBuyBot effortlessly by sending a DM or within your group chat by typing /register or /campaign. Your account comes with three encrypted wallets to ensure your data remains secure.

Manage Your Wallets Securely

Protect your assets and trade confidently with UnityBuyBot’s secure wallet management. Our user-friendly settings let you add funds, manage your keys, and enhance your financial management skills, ensuring a secure and streamlined experience.

Expand Your Trading Network

Broaden your horizons by adding UnityBuyBot to your preferred groups for seamless trading and campaign management. Trade with confidence and ease alongside your chosen communities.

UnityBot Token & Revshare

Empowering UnityBot Token Holders

UnityBot Token holders enjoy exclusive rewards, including a share of
the bot’s trading volume through
our innovative revshare system.
Help by participating in shaping
the future of UnityBot through
community feedback and 
collaborative initiatives.
Gain access to new features and exclusive promotions, ensuring
you’re at the forefront of UnityBot’s evolving ecosystem.

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What is UnityBuyBot?

UnityBuyBot is a Telegram-integrated trading bot designed for both individual traders and collaborative group campaigns. It offers a range of features, including Solo Mode, Mates Mode, and Mastermind Mode, empowering users with diverse trading experiences.

How can I join a group campaign with UnityBuyBot?

To join a group campaign, make sure to keep an eye on the UnityBot Announcements channel on telegram. All campaigns in Mates Mode will be listed there. If you wish to start your own campaign make sure the bot is an admin in your Telegram group. Register the token with the group using “/register,” then initiate or join campaigns with commands like “/begin.”

What is Solo Mode, and how does it work?

Solo Mode is designed for individual traders who prefer independent trading. In this mode, users have full control over buying, selling, and tracking their token portfolio. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to navigate the markets alone.

How does the revshare system work for UnityBot Token holders?

UnityBot Token holders enjoy exclusive rewards through a revshare system. They receive a share of the bot’s trading volume, providing a unique opportunity to benefit from the platform’s success.

How does the voting system work in UnityBuyBot?

UnityBuyBot employs a democratic voting system. Campaign managers and participants can propose votes to sell tokens. The decision follows a DAO model, with a sale occurring if over 50% vote ‘yes.’ Voting happens every 24 hours, and failing to meet the deadline voids the vote.

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